Swim (1.5 Km)

A triangle course in a very calm cove at Lake Hartwell.  Athletes will be started by pairs in five-second intervals.  Your starting position will be based on your estimated swim time.  Please be honest and accurate with your swim time.  The time trial start is designed to make for a safe swim and to control drafting on the bike course.

Bike (42 Km)

Out and back, exits Tugaloo State Park on to state roads through the center of Lavonia. Some good climbs. Park roads will be closed for race. Excellent cooperation from local and state government officials to keep the bike course safe.

Run (10 Km)

Out and back, entire run will be in Tugaloo State Park. Park roads will be closed. Course is well shaded by towering pines and forest with 2 challenging climbs.  Aid stations located at mile markers 1, 3, 4, and 5.