race rewards

TheTri-Atlanta Race Rewards program is designed to encourage members to race in our club uniform. In exchange for this we offer you a chance to win cash at the end of the year.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a Tri-Atlanta member: You must be a current member on the date of each race.
  • Race in at least one of our club uniform pieces.
  • Complete the race in your category and under your name - relays aren't eligible.
  • Register for the race as a Tri-Atlanta Club member: This is mandatory for every event.
  • Email informing us of your race completion. We'll need to be able to verify it by seeing your name in some published race results or some other manner. If you have a photo of yourself in the uniform at the race that would be great.

Here's how it works:

  • You will get 1 point for each of the following races you complete wearing the club uniform, except for the ones marked "double points".
  • For 4 points, you get your name in the drawing once, 7 points you get your name in twice and for 9 points you get your name in three times.
  • You can only win once, but your chances get better the more you race.
  • Fifteen names will be drawn from the eligible athletes at the Holiday Party and those individuals will receive cash & prize awards of at least $150.
  • You need not be present to win, but if you aren't, you don't get to stand up in front of everyone and have your picture taken.

Eligible Races:

Any of the 6 Tri-the-Parks Triathlons
May 17 - Gulf Coast Triathlon
May 18 - Memphis-in-May, Memphis, TN
May 25 - Hub City Hustle, Hattiesburg, MS
May 27 - Hephzibah Triathlon, Macon, GA
May 31 - Chatuge Challenge 1/2 Ironman
May 31 - Try-it-All Sports Xtreme ORT - Cornelia, GA
June 1 - Mississippi ORT - Meridian, MS
June 14 Buster Britton, Birmingham, AL
June 22 - Chattanooga Dam Triathlon
June 22 - Dannon Duathlon
June 23 - Xterra Eastern Championship - Richmond, VA
June ? - Sweetwater Triathlon
July 13 - Acworth triathlon Acworth Volunteer (double points)
July 13 - Sunfish Summer Triathlon, Meridian, MS (double points)
July 13 - Lock 4 - Gallatin, TN
July 26 - Powerful Peach
July 27 - (HOT) Hammerman ORT - Jacksonville, FL
July 27 - Summer Sizzler Sprint, Hiawassee, GA
August 9 - Mountain Lakes, Guntersville, AL
September 13 - Tugaloo Triathlon
September 13 - Tugaloo Triathlon Volunteer (double points)
September 27- Santa Rosa Island Triathlon
September 27 - Octoberfest Triathlon, Hiawassee, GA
October 11 - Duke Blue Devil Ironman Distance, Durham, NC
October 12 - Powerman Tennessee
October 25 - Dannon Fall Chill Duathlon - Hayesville, NC
October 25 - Great Floridian

Note: Any races on this list which occur before the uniforms arrive will not count. We hope to have them by Gulf Coast, but we don't know exactly when they will arrive.


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