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Upcoming Events

06/22 07:00
06/22 07:15
06/28 08:00
06/29 09:00

Dannon Duathlon - Alpharetta, GA
Chattanooga Dam Triathlon - Chattanooga, TN
Tri the Parks Race #4 - Flovilla, GA
Fieldstone Open Water 5K Swim - Hiawassee, GA


SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators) are now on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, click here for more info.

Member Race Results

Gulf Coast Tri
Carole Sharpless 4:59:07, 1st ow
Pam Stone 5:53:01
Todd Madison 6:08:52
Keith Marshall 5:45:22
Keith Clement 5:49:57
Bruce Erskine 4:30:12, 1st ag
Jay Sinclair 5:58:37
Anne Ellacott 5:31:14, 2nd ag
Mike Zoellner 5:14:20
Harry Sowieja 5:29:20

St. Anthony’s Triathlon
Todd Madison 2:41:21
Jon Adamson 2:22:55, 1st ag
Jo Adamson 2:39:50, 2nd ag
Jim Rainey 2:46, 17th ag
Anne Wilson 2:23:03, 13th ag

Memphis In May Tri
Harry Stumpf 2:34 20th AG
Tony Crumpton 2:29:19, PR

Hephzibah Triathlon
Megan Williams 2:44:30, 3rd ag
John Cavanaugh 1:51
Keith Marshall 1:28, 1st ag
Lisa Marshall 1:41, 3rd ow

Wildflower Half Ironman
Jon Adamson 5:46:31, 1st ag

St. Croix Half Ironman
Dave Mathews 7:01:22
Blair Darst

Emerald Coast Triathlon
Tony Crumpton 2nd ag

Tri the Parks Race #1
Roger Partee 1:08:43

Tri the Parks Race #2
Roger Partee 1:07:53
Vicki Smith 1:48:54, 3rd ag
Lisa Marshall 1:10, 2nd ag

Assault on Mt. Mitchell
Eric Simontis 6:30:15

Ga Pines Sping Forward Mountain Bike Race George Bevington 1:38:01

Chevrolet Twilight ATB Race
George Bevington 1:25:40

Odyssey Off Road Triathlon
Anne Wilson 6:01:40, 1st ag
Bill Pflueger 6:10:20, 1st ag
David Cook 5:23:22, 4th ag

Odyssey Off Road Duathlon
Alisa Gadilhe 4:48:55, 1st ag

Our Officers

Roger Partee - President.
Samantha Kenney - Vice President.
Bill Pflueger - Treasurer.
Catherine Fuss - Social Director.

Alisa Gadilhe - Secretary and Newsletter Editor.
Barry Goppman - Marketing Director.
Jim Rainey - Race Director.
Jane Fratesi - Webmaster.

Tri-Atlanta Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the recreational athlete for the promotion and participation in multi-sport competition. To build camaraderie within individuals through group training, exchanging techniques and participation in community and social functions while maintaining the unique competitiveness and spirit of endurance sports.

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